Massage chairs
massage chairs

How effective are massage chairs in relieving pain?

Modernization and sophistication of lifestyles and the ever demanding daily schedules carved the niche for the demand of more flexible ways to relax. It is rightly said that “necessity is the mother of invention,” the markets became flooded with eccentric and exquisite massage chairs catering the afresh originated necessities, making their debut appearance in the late 1980s.

With an array of producers and products in the commercial world, deciding upon which brand to go for and correspondingly the concerns about the adequacy of claims regarding the relief provided by such equipment seems to be the major apprehensions confronted by consumers.

So how effective are when the argument boils down to the matter of relieving pain? Well, let’s unfold the controversies enveloping the question. The first thing that is imperative to be born in mind is the “price tag” as there is a huge variety of products, depending on the make and genre ranging from a couple of hundred to several thousand dollars, while a good one usually falls somewhere in the middle. A wise choice is to go for the high or above average end of the market to secure maximum pain relief gains, also to ascertain the measure of effectiveness the chair provides against pain, the mechanism with which they operate needs to be considered primarily. Any massage chair irrespective of the fact that which manufacturer it belongs to function on the same basic concept, the notion of generating vibrations derived from rollers powered by motors to mimic the pressure strokes applied to the body as in a regular massage. The most standard features of mechanical massage chairs are location controls to specify where massage should happen along with intensity controls dictating the desired strength of the massage. Some machines also offer the luxury of setting desired temperature levels as well.

This article will discuss the potential positive effects of a massage chair.

  1. Pain relief through better circulation

The vibrations from the chair help relieve the muscle spasms and contractions by applying constant cyclic and focused pressure, the improvement in blood flow achieved through such a procedure results in better transportation of vital nutrients to the affected area and makes muscles recovery faster. Ischemia is a medical condition in which tissue of lower middle and upper back suffer from tightness. It is particularly addressed through the massage chairs. Also, issues such as inflammation, soreness or soft tissue damage such as strains can also be treated as long as they haven’t gone chronic in which case you will need a professional massage therapist.

  1. Release of chemical Endorphin

A chemical named endorphin is released from the brain and belongs to a group of hormones that trigger the feelings of relaxation and peace, although achieved through exercise, a 20-minute session of a massage chair can induce similar effects helping patients with anxiety and depression as well.

  1. Improved quality of sleep

Another proven plus of massage chairs are their ability to ease out the overall muscle tension in the upper, lower and middle back areas and improving muscle flexibility which in return helps in creating a better muscular balance by releasing tension surrounding the muscles from the injured area and thus enables to achieve improved quality of sleep, which not only assists with the fast healing of the tissues but also prevents mood swings and divided focus, that usually accompany with the back pain.

  1. Reduced pressure on nerves and alignment of spine

The body posture of leaning backward provides support for the spine. Vertebrae is considered as the center of nerves passage that spreads into different areas of the body like hands, fingers, feet and toes. Any imbalance in the vertebrae and stress in the spine can cause compression of the nerves. The massage chair therapy helps to release the pressure from the vertebrae and relaxes the spine. The compressed nerves also get freed from the pressure and travel easily through the spinal column to the peripheral areas of the body.

  1. Decrease the levels of lactic acid in the body

When there is an oxygen deficiency in the body, a substance named as lactate is produced. This helps the body to convert lactic acid into energy without the use of oxygen. High levels of lactate accumulation in the body muscles, increase acidity and slow down their working capacity.

Massage chair helps to overcome the lactate accumulation in the muscles by increasing the blood circulation, and therefore, the oxygen levels of the muscles and body tissues are restored, making the body feel energized and revitalized.

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