Health risks of energy drinks
Health risks of energy drinks

Health risks of energy drinks

Health risks of energy drinks – In addition to coffee, the energy drinks are also becoming the choice of many people when it starts to feel tired, lethargic or mind cannot focus. Unfortunately, this drink turns out to have a negative impact for health.

In the United Kingdom, for example, Prime Minister Theresa May prohibits the consumption of energy drinks for teenagers. The existence of this rule, the shops will be prohibited to sell energy drinks for those who are still under the age of 16 years.

This is reflected from the results of the study that proves the excessive consumption of energy drinks give bad impact on health, especially for children. Therefore, there is no point of children consuming such drinks. The amount of excessive caffeine can cause high blood pressure, nausea, vomiting and seizures.

Based on the results of a study published in the International Journal of Health Sciences, excessive consumption of energy drinks give negative effects on health. The effect can be anxiety, insomnia, impaired gastronomy, headache, hyperactivity, and diuresis.

Research from Sweden also proves any energy drink consumption causing erosion of the teeth. Clare Thornton-Wood, a pediatric diet expert said that high sugar levels have a direct impact on obesity and tooth decay. Both are a problem that often occurs in children and adolescents. In the meantime, high caffeine intake in children and adolescents can also raise blood pressure and interfere with concentration in school.

Thornton-Wood also says, young children who suffer from eating disorders often use a low calorie energy drink to boost energy levels. These people are at risk of greater against cardiac arrhythmias due to high doses of caffeine.

The risks of energy drinks for older people.

According to the Thornton-Wood, consume energy drink for older people also need to look out for. The increased sugar, calories, caffeine, and other substances that endanger health because energy drinks also applies equally in older people.

According to Lambert, the risks of energy drinks in older people also could be worse. Unlike kids, older people usually tend to consume energy drinks with alco**hol, which is a dangerous combination.

Large amounts of caffeine consumption, such as those found in energy drinks can reduce drowsiness without reducing the effects of alco**hol. Older people who are fond of taking a mixture of alco**hol and energy drinks can cause loss of self control.

However, young people may also be exposed to risk such an effect. Research on year 2011 found, 53 percent of energy drink that is consumed by teens is used as a blending of alco**hol. This’s that also led to an increase in risky things such as the use of illegal drugs.

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