Guinot Beauty Terapist
Guinot Beauty Terapist

Guinot Beauty Therapist

Guinot first established in Paris in 1972 through a hydradermie care innovation which includes exclusive beauty care to increase the complexion. It uses a soft ionisation procedure that makes your skin more receptive to the active ingredients. After the successful year, Guinot kept doing research to get another innovation. During 1986 to 2011, Guinot’s innovations are Longue Vie Cellulaire cream, Age logic Cellulaire Cream (the first cell energy cream), Sun Care Protecting Cellular DNA, The Slimming Revolution in Beauty Salons, Comfortable and Effective Hair Removal, The Logic Age Serum, and the improved Hydradermie Double Ionisation.

Guinot Beauty Terapist
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To do those innovative and exclusive treatments, Guinot has excellent beauty therapist. At Guinot, the beauty therapist acts as a doctor thus you can have an in-depth beauty consultation depending on your skin tone as wells as its sensitivity and softness. After the counseling, the beauty therapist will prescribe the appropriate product for your skin problem.

To have the best beauty therapists surely Guinot conducts the best training, too. Annually more than 4,000 beauty therapists join the training courses to enhance their savoir-faire and techniques. The training includes the theoretical training on skin knowledge, body care methods, beauty consultation techniques, as well as face and hair removal methods. The training is held over 70 countries which are accredited.

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Guinot beauty therapists take the main role in beauty consultation. It includes the treatments which are appropriate to your skin so that you can achieve your beauty aims. Therefore, during the consultation, you have to tell the details to the beauty therapist for the proper textures and treatments for your skin. And to achieve your beauty aims, you have to explain to the beauty therapist so she can suggest a Guinot treatment which suits you.

The combination of excellent products and professional beauty therapist lead Guinot becomes the benchmark salons for women who entrust their skin and beauty performance to the qualified beauty therapist.

Guinot now has two types of beauty services: beauty salons and hair salons. Most of the women are a lack of time so sometimes they prefer to do the beauty care at home. But the Guinot beauty therapist supportively gives you an overview of her beauty salon and starts the treatment with a customized consultation as quick as possible. In the consultation, she will give you the smart solution for your skin problem and to reach your beauty aims. Your beauty therapist will start each treatment with deep consultation and take you the treatment room to treat. For the face treatments, you may have cleansing, “Instant Facelift” effect, youthful firmness, “Double Peel” treatment, and soothing treatment with essential oils. While for body treatments you can have “better and quicker slimming effect” and aromatic crops for making your body look slimmer and firmer. The last treatment is hair removal, which gives you two exclusive methods: stick hair and epil smart.

Last but not least, Guinot has proven the beauty salons with excellent beauty therapists are the outlook for the professional beauty care sector. Want to try? Find Guinot beauty salon in your country and achieve your perfect beauty aims!

Guinot Beauty Therapist

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