Full Liquid Diet
Full liquid diet

Full Liquid Diet: The purposes, Terms, and Instructions

Full liquid diet: The purposes, Terms, and Instructions.

The standard diet in hospitals.

The standard diet in hospital uses daily food and serve food that can be used for a wide variety of diet therapy for various types of patient diseases.

Type / shape of the standard diet foods are:

  1. General (regular food)
  2. Soft Diet
  3. Liquid Diet (liquid food) —clear/full liquid
  4. Consistency modification —soft + liquid (filter)

Liquid diet is food that has the consistency of liquid to thick. This food is given to patients who experience the chewing disorder, swallow, and digest the food that caused by decreased consciousness, high fever, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, as well as after gastrointestinal bleeding, and pre and pasca surgery. Food can be given oral or parenteral. According to the consistency of food, food liquid consists of three types of Liquid Food, namely Clear Liquid Food, Full Liquid Food and thick liquid Food.

The food is given in liquid form made with milk or no milk. Giving liquid food requirement is the number of a given liquid food tailored to the needs of the fluid and energy, when given via the pipeline, the consistency was made in such a way through the pipeline to be used for infants and children, does not stimulate the digestive tract, given in small portions and often (6-8 times a day), and osmolarity <400 mOsm / L..

The Purpose Of The Full liquid diet.

The full liquid diet purposes are:

  1. To provide food in a liquid form that meets nutritional needs.
  2. Relieve the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

The Terms Of The Full liquid diet.

The terms of full liquid diet are as follows:

  1. Does not stimulate the digestive tract.
  2. If given more than 3 days must be able to meet the needs of energy and protein.
  3. The energy content of at least 1 Kcal/ml. Liquid Concentration can be given in stages from ½, ¾ to full.
  4. Based on the patient’s problem, can be given low formula or lactose free or formula with medium chain fatty acids (MCT), with fiber and so on.
  5. To meet the needs of vitamins and minerals can be given additional ferosulfate, vitamin B complex and vitamin c.
  6. Preferably osmolarity <400 Mosm/L.

Full Liquid Diet instructions:

  1. Do not give this meal in a long time. Doctors usually recommend this food to patients for no more than 2 days.
  2. Plan and select a liquid source of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals. Read carefully the label of liquid food provided commercially.
  3. Use a straw to drink that can be bent right, so comfortable.
  4. Give the food a little but often.
  5. Avoid coffee, tea, alco**holic drinks, and carbonated drinks

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