Face Beauty Care At home
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Top 16 Face Beauty Care At home

Top 16 Face Beauty Care At home – Women mostly are obsessed to have a gorgeous and healthy face. No wrinkle, no scratch, flawless, radiant, and elastic. To reach this dream, women spend lots of money for going to the salon and buying cosmetics regardless of the expenditure budget.

Even more, they save their money to take plastic surgery for tackling their facial skin problems. In fact, they can do face beauty care at home.

Never think heavy when you hear the word beauty care, it is not always complicated. No need to make some mask, buy some beauty care equipments or hire a beauty therapist at home. See the brief explanation follows:

Top Face Beauty Care At home

Face Wash

Of course, before doing skin care, you should wash your face clean. If you can, do a double cleansing that can remove the dirt, up from inside the pores. It’s not just dirt from the dust, but also the remnants of makeup that you have to wipe thoroughly.


The next Face Beauty Care At home is Exfoliate the dead skin cells

After lifting the dirt, you also need to do the removal of dead skin cells that are on the skin of the face. But choose products with a soft exfoliant, but also effective. In addition to lifting skin cells, this is also a step to prepare your skin for the next step to make your face can absorb skin care well.

Facial Sprays

Dry skin is probably the most common problem faced by many people, are you one of them? Look for facial sprays that will not only moisturize the skin, but also reduce the appearance of skin pores.

Using Face Masks

The next Face Beauty Care At home is using face masks.

The choice of face masks is now increasingly diverse. You can use instant face masks from a wide range of beauty products at home with ease. For those of you who want to try natural ingredients, here are some natural ingredients that can be used as a mask according to the type of skin you have:

Honey Masks

Honey is the latest way, as well as the best in beauty treatments, as it can clean pores and restore facial light. Honey is rich in amino acids and antioxidants that are excellent for the skin.

Let the honey mask stick in the face for two minutes. Do it every day to get the maximum benefit.

Avocado mask

For you who have dry skin, you can utilize avocado as a mask. It is quite easy, prepare one almost ripe avocado and mix with one teaspoon of olive oil, stir until well blended. Use it as a mask and let stand for 15-20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

For those of you who have a severe dry skin problem, mixing the mask with a tablespoon of honey is recommended so that the skin can become more humid.

Make up Cleaning Wipes

If you don’t have a lot of time to clean up makeup, then the makeup tissue cleanser can be a solution. These tissues are practical for use anytime and anywhere.

Ice cubes Compress

The next Face Beauty Care At home is ice cube compress.

One of the easiest tips that you can do at home before the wedding day is to compress the face with ice cubes. Besides being able to refresh the face, ice cubes can also shrink the pores cause the oily face, get the pimples and also make the makeup become durable. Easy and very useful, right?


This one is for the prospective bride who are not acne. For your face with breakouts, it is not advisable to do the scrubbing, because instead of lifting dirt, it even makes your skin worse. Scrubbing products can also be bought on the market or made by yourself with a mixture of coconut oil with coffee or other natural ingredients.

Massaging facial

The next Face Beauty Care At home is massaging facial.

Massage the face to smooth the bloodstream. The massaging face is useful to launch blood flow in the facial muscles so that skin looks and feels fresher. Besides beautifying facial skin, massage is useful to overcome swelling, wrinkles, and stress.

Do facial massage According to the following instructions.

  • Massage the cheeks with the tip of the fingers while making a large circle. Move the fingers along the nose bones, cheekbones, down the lower jaw bone, back to the nose bone. Perform this gesture over and over for 1 minute.
  • Massage the forehead from moving upwards to the center of the forehead, descending between the two eyebrows, then returning to the temples. Perform this gesture several times during 1 minute.
  • Head around the eyes starting from the eyebrow bone, descending to the outer corner of the eye, passing down the lower eyelid to the nose, and then returning to the brow bone. Perform this gesture for 1 minute.

Clean off your make up before going to bed

After the end of the day, clean off your make up before going to bed. Let your face skin breathe overnight. Use olive oil on cotton instead of using makeup removal. Gently massage the olive oil onto your face to take off the makeup and dirt.

On the weekends you can use walnut paste in powder form and mix it with yoghurt. This tip makes your face glow more because it exfoliates your dead skin.

Protect your face skin from the sun

Protect your face skin from the sun using sunscreen with at least SPF 15 for UVA and UVB rays because sun exposure produces age spots, skin problems and wrinkles. Remember! Do not use sunscreen when it is cloudy.

Food Intake

Keep it mind that food takes good influence to your skin. Consume greens, enough protein, fresh fruits and vitamins, especially vitamin C for having radiant skin.

Low fat and sugar are also for producing radiant skin. Reduce eating spicy and fermented foods, citrus fruits, fried food, and salt. You can have oatmeal, applesauce and rice instead.


Do exercise regularly, such as yoga, running and jogging to circulate your blood and proceed the metabolism of your body. After having a workout and see your face in the mirror, it is glowing! No time? Just take a walk around your house.


Spend at least 8 hours at night for sleeping to rest your skin. Little shut eye means more sags and bags on your face. Before going to bed, apply milder cleansers with no alco**hol and avoid hot water for dry skin.

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Drinking water

Drink a lot of water, at least 8 glasses! Also eat watery vegetables and fruits like cucumber, watermelon, orange, etc. Use rose water to keep your skin pH balance.

Handling acne

For handling acnes, wash your face with warm water three times a day and massage your face gently in circular motions. Use cleanser containing beta hydroxyl or alpha hydroxyl acid. After massaging, dry your face and apply a lotion containing benzoyl peroxide. It is good for bacterial issues.

Avoid Stress

Lastly, avoid stress and take a break. Stress just tends to make your skin tired and oilier. More oil means more acne. Take meditation and yoga to radiate your skin.

Now you can try these face beauty care at home and feel the difference!

Top 16 Face Beauty Care At home

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