Cranberry juice benefits
Cranberry juice benefits

Cranberry juice benefits for health and beauty

Cranberry juice benefits for health and beauty – Cranberry fruit is one type of berry fruit. The shape is almost the same as the blueberry fruit, but if blueberry is blue, cranberry-colored are dark red. Cranberry plants found in the region of Europe and America. Cranberry is one type of plant.

Cranberry fruit is often consumed in various forms such as juice, candied, or directly in the form of fruit. Consuming cranberry fruit directly or in juice is the best way for various nutrients contained in cranberry fruit has not been damaged. Benefits of cranberry fruit contain a variety of nutrients that are good for the health of the body.

How does it work?

Up to now, has not been much research on about the workings of this herbal plant. For more information, contact your doctor.

However, several studies show that cranberry fruit and also many other fruits and vegetables, contain salicylic acid that is a vital ingredient in the manufacture of aspirin. Drinking cranberry juice regularly can increase the amount of salicylic acid in the body. Salicylic acid in the body can reduce swelling, prevent blood clotting, and as the effect of anti tumor.

Cranberry juice benefits for health and beauty

Benefits of cranberry fruit against The Tumor.

The first Cranberry juice benefits is against the tumor. Because it is rich in antioxidants, Cranberries can help stop the growth and spread of carcinogens. Carcinogen is a substance that cause cancer.

Prevent Cancer.

Cranberry juice contains proanthocyanidins, one of the antioxidants that can eliminate free radicals.

Cranberries are very rich in flavonoids, which play a role in reducing the risk of cancer.

Avoid the risk of urinary tract infections.

Urinary tract infections can be very bad for your health. By consuming cranberries, you can remove micro-organism that causes urinary tract infections and also eliminates bacteria that precipitate in the kidneys or bladder.

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Cranberry juice contains organic acids, which have the effect of rapidly against flab on the body.

This drink is indeed less sweet than other fruit juices. So include cranberry juice in your food, but don’t add the sugar in it.

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Improve your heart health.

Cranberry juice benefits for heart health

Consuming cranberry fruit are able to improve your cardiovascular health systems because flavonoids in it is able to reduce the fat and lower cholesterol in the body.

Glowing Skin.

To have a glowing and attractive skin, Cranberry juice is the best choice. This fruit will help remove all the oils on your skin.

The juice is rich in vitamin C which provide support in making our skin fresh.

The benefits of cranberry juice are many, and drink this juice on a regular basis during the winter season will protect your skin from weather conditions.

Dental health.

Cranberry juice can maintain the health of your teeth, you know. This is caused by the proanthocyanidine contains in it. This compound is already proven to be good for your teeth. The famous Proanthocyadine can prevent the development of the bad bacteria that can cause damage to your teeth. Plus, it can prevent the presence of plaque. Plaque can cause teeth crust arises, which ultimately can lead to disorders such as bad breath or gingivitis.

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Vitamin C.

Besides proanthocyanidine, cranberry juice also contains vitamin C. Vitamin C in this juice is very high. Vitamin C can help maintain the immune system because it can ward off the disease that is usually caused by free radicals. In addition, vitamin C can also keep Your skin cleaner.


The information provided below is not a replacement for medical recommendations. Always consult with Your doctor or herbalist before taking this juice.

How much dose commonly used for cranberry for older people?

Dose for the use of herbal plants varies for each patient. Your dose of consumption depending on age, health, and much more. Herbal supplements are not always safe. Consult Your physician for an appropriate dosage.

Thank you very much for reading Cranberry juice benefits for health and beauty, hopefully useful.

Cranberry juice benefits for health and beauty

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