Coffee ground vomit
Coffee ground vomit

Coffee Ground Vomit Diagnosis

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Coffee ground vomit is caused by blood clots in vomit. It is a colored vomit like a coffee powder. Blood vomiting is called the emesis of coffee or hematicis surfaces. Blood on vomit has a varied color because it depends on the amount of blood present in the gastrointestinal system. Blood can be black, brown, and dark red. Frozen blood on vomit will look like coffee powder.

You should know that this is a serious condition. You need medical attention. You should record the time when you vomit the liquid. You can take a sample of vomit and submit the sample to the doctor.


You should get medical treatment quickly when you vomit blood. You can contact emergency services to get treatment from a doctor. You may experience other symptoms such as abdominal pain, large lumps of vomit, chest pain, dizziness, fainting, light head, and pale skin. You should not ignore these Coffee ground vomit symptoms and you should see a doctor.


Coffee ground vomit occurs due to various conditions such as gastritis, esophageal varicose, and stomach ulcers. You should get medical treatment when you have this symptom. You should get the right diagnosis to cure this disease. There are several other causes such as stomach problems, esophageal cancer, viral hemophilia B and Ebola infections. This vomit can be a GI bleeding indicator.

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Perhaps the doctor will inquire about the symptoms, the medications you have taken, and other health conditions. The doctor will tell you to determine the cause of the bleeding. Maybe you will do a blood test of the gastric occult. This is a test that doctors use to identify blood on vomit.

GI endoscopy is done by inserting the camera into your esophagus. Doctors can use this procedure to see a flexible scope of the esophagus. The barium study uses X-rays that have a contrasting dye. This dye is called barium and you will swallow this dye so your doctor can identify your gastrointestinal tract.

Doctors can also perform blood tests to determine the liver damage. Doctors can perform tests to detect blood in the stool. Doctors can insert the camera into the rectum and anus. The test can help the doctor to produce a proper diagnosis.

You should not underestimate these symptoms because severe illness can be caused due to these symptoms. You should contact your doctor to get the right treatment. You should not panic because the condition will only make your illness worse. Your body can show you a signal to tell the disease on your body. You must start living healthy in order not to be attacked by dangerous diseases. That’s a brief explanation for coffee ground vomit.

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