Ciprofloxacin for uti
Ciprofloxacin for UTI

Ciprofloxacin for UTI (Urinary Tract Infections): What to Expect From It

Have you ever heard someone recommend Ciprofloxacin for UTI? If you have heard of it, then congratulation for being a rarity in this world. If you have not heard of it, then fear not my friend, for I am going to tell you a bit lot about this medicine.


Yes the name can be a bit of a tongue twister. It can also get hard to write as well, so I will shorten it to Cipro (which is a name that many people use for this drug after all) from this moment on. What is Cipro? How can it be useful for us? What are the things that you can expect from using it?

Cipro is your ordinary antibiotics. Antibiotics are often used to get rid of your body from harmful (and sometimes helpful) bacteria from your body. It can treat many diseases, but the diseases that are more commonly treated by this drug are diseases related to urinary tracts (or as I like to call it: the pee tube).

Cipro is covered. What about UTI?

UTIs is an abbreviation for Urinary Tract Infections. This basically means infections that attack your urinary tract (again, pee tube). Your urinary tract is a place that is riddled with bacteria and everything nasty, so infection is bound to happen if you do not keep it clean. There are many drugs that a patient can consume to cure UTIs, but Cipro is the most used drug when it comes to curing them.

With that comes another question: is Ciprofloxacin for UTI effective?

It depends, of course

When it comes to the effectiveness of curing infections, your doctor knows you best. She or he might prescribe you a daily dose of Cipro to get rid of that nasty pee tube malady. Some doctors see Cipro as something that can be very effective, yet some are already tired of its lack of progress. Cipro, after all, is a bit on the old side when it comes to medicine. Bacteria evolve, and so medicines need to be able to do so as well. Because Cipro is not that new, it might be a bit ineffective for some people.

Ineffective or not, if your doctor prescribes you a batch of Cipro, you need to finish it before you can see some significant changes. That is the common rule when it comes to antibiotics, after all, and it is the same with Ciprofloxacin for UTI.

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