Cough and cold caused by viral infections can generally be cured by itself within 1 week. Even so, cough and cold can sometimes interfere with your daily activities. Then, how […]

A headache from coughing is a headache caused by coughing. There are other types that make your body feel tense like bowel movements, bending, singing, crying, laughing, blowing nose, and […]

Do you frequently suffering from colds or flu? Both of these diseases are seems to have become a very common disease. Everyone has ever experienced it, without exception. Erratic weather […]

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Summer is the time when you should be having all the fun in this world – saying yes to every pool and outdoor party, going to the beach, and generally […]

Influenza is an infectious disease caused by the influenza virus. The influenza virus can survive in the air in the rain, damp and lack of sunshine. Transmitted through the air […]