Breakfast cereal
Breakfast Cereal

Breakfast Cereal: Processing, 7 Benefits, Effects, and Is It Healthy?

Breakfast cereal is an easy and convenient food for those of you who are used to the busy morning. Many cereal products claim that their products contain high nutritional value.

Cereals are made from processed wheat and are often eaten with milk, yogurt, fruit, or nuts. As a consideration to know if cereals are good for the health of the body, it’s a good idea to know how to process real cereal products.

Breakfast cereal processing

Cereal grains are made from cooked fine flour. The flour is then mixed with ingredients, such as sugar, chocolate, and water. Many breakfast cereals are produced through extrusion where food is processed at high temperatures using machines to form cereals.

After going through the extrusion, then the cereal is dried and then formed, such as balls, stars, rectangles, and other shapes. Breakfast cereals can also be burnt, flaked or shredded. Cereals can also be coated in chocolate or frosting before drying.

Breakfast cereal benefits

Increase energy

One bowl of cereal is rich in calories and energy sources. Cereals such as wheat will provide maximum energy to the body to stay awake while doing daily work.

Helps prevent constipation

Cereals rich in fiber effectively prevent constipation and make it easier for you to defecate.

Smooth digestion

Rich fiber and prebiotics also help digestion become smoother.

Keep blood sugar levels

Fiber content in cereals decreases glucose secretion which thus helps in maintaining sugar levels in the blood.

Lowering cholesterol

Soluble fiber helps the body lower cholesterol levels that are also associated with heart disease.

Good source of protein

Protein is very important to us because the body uses it to repair and build tissues. They are also used to make body chemicals such as hormones and enzymes. The amount of protein in each type of cereal is different.

Take rice, for example because it contains the least amount of protein in it, but it is the best form of protein we can get. We need protein for bones, blood, skin, and muscles. Therefore, it is best to consume cereals to maintain our daily protein intake.

Helps prevent cancer

Cereals are rich in plant-based steroids that stimulate estrogen. They contain phytosterols that block estrogen, which increases cancer production in the breast. Many studies show that cereals can even prevent colon cancer due to their high fiber content. Phytosterols reduce the reabsorption time of estrogen into the blood through the walls of the colon by increasing stool movement.

The breakfast cereal effects

Breakfast cereal effect on blood sugar

Undeniably, the composition of cereals usually consists of many things, one of which is sugar. Sugar is the second or third ingredient always listed in your favorite cereal nutrition panel. This is certainly a bad sign.

Filling the body with sweet foods in the morning will cause blood sugar levels soar and then drop rapidly. It is also what makes you feel hungry or tired after every breakfast.

Feeling full

Some cereal options will make you feel full for longer. If you are loyal to keep eating cereal every morning, then you must ensure the fiber and protein content in the breakfast. Both ingredients play a role in nourishing and making you feel full.

Pay attention to food labels, because most cereal brands will actually make you feel hungry.

Breakfast cereal healthy or not?

Cereals are generally made from flour, wheat seeds, sugar, water and then cooked. Unfortunately, nowadays cereals are considered unhealthy when used as a breakfast menu. Here’s the reason:

Cereals too much sugar

Many cereals sold today have been given a fairly high added sugar. This can trigger a rise in blood sugar. If blood sugar continues to rise, then you will be at risk of diabetes.

In addition, this spike in blood sugar can also make weight gain drastic. This is because the body is used to being given food from sugar quite a lot. Well, when you do not eat sugar, the body will precisely starve and make you overeat.

Cereals contain dyes and flavorings

In addition to containing a considerable amount of added sugar, not a few cereal products are also given a number of artificial dyes, flavorings, and sodium in a fairly high amount.

Last but not least, you also need to be wiser when it comes to buying cereals for breakfast.

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