Black Cumin Seed Oil Health Benefits
Black Cumin Seed Oil Health Benefits

Black Cumin Seed Oil Health Benefits

Black Cumin Seed Oil Health Benefits has long been believed to have tremendous benefits for the health of our bodies. Probably almost more than 20 centuries ago, various states in the Middle East have used this black cumin as a healing and medicinal medium. In the field of education / academics, black cumin medicinal plants have been studied and the study also confirmed the variety of benefits of black cumin.

What is extracted from black cumin plants is the seeds. And black cumin seeds are one of the many spices that have natural healing properties and reliable. Cumin seeds are black and shaped like a crescent moon. At first, black cumin concoction originated from Egypt and countries in the Middle East, along with the country of India. Black cumin is usually used for spices for various types of culinary. This is because black cumin does have a slightly bitter taste, so it is suitable to replace pepper.

Black cumin itself available as a result of oil extraction of the seed oil, also with black cumin oil. In the field of medicine, black cumin is widely available in capsule form that is ready to consume.

Although the black cumin seed is tiny, it is very beneficial, it is because the black cumin contains more than a hundred chemical compounds. Black cumin contains a variety of ingredients that can completely cure the type of the disease:

Black Cumin Seed Oil Health Benefits

Treat acne.
Thymoquinone is one of the substances that are contained in this black cumin. Thymoquinone is an effective anti inflammatory drug. Black cumin oil can be used as an ointment is applied on the surface of inflamed acne. To prevent acne and smoothes the skin, take one tablespoon of olive oil mixed with a half teaspoon of black cumin oil. Rub it on the face, then wash the face with soapy water after one hour.

To treat inflammation.
To treat inflammation at the ankles and other joints, first take a tablespoon of vinegar, two spoonfuls of honey, and 1/2 teaspoons black cumin oil. Apply this concoction twice a day. Its function to massage the inflamed part.

Increase the amount of breast milk.
Black cumin also can be used to increase the amount of breast milk in mothers who are breastfeeding. The combination of particular elements and structure of the lipid hormones contained in it can make it possible to petrify the mother in producing breast milk. Cumin in it also contained arginine, this substance is essential in the growth in infants. Unfortunately, not many know the safety in using black cumin seeds is breastfeeding.

Overcoming stomach disorders.
Histamine is a compound that can be released by the immune system. So will result in an allergic reaction. Crystalline nigellone compound found in Nigella has a protein kinase c, the substance is known to be intercepted the release of histamine. Giving black cumin is useful in reducing allergic reactions in most sufferers of bronchitis, asthma and other allergic diseases without any side effects.

For the treatment of asthma and allergies, the way is, take a cup of warm water, add with a scoop of honey, take also a half teaspoon of black cumin seed oil. Furthermore, mix these materials and drink every morning before breakfast or after dinner. We recommend that you avoid the cold food as well as carry allergens.

Black Cumin Seed Oil to treat cancer.
The fatty acids contained in black cumin can be intercepted the development of cancer. Black cumin stimulates the production and immunity of bone marrow cells, and against tumor cells without damaging healthy cells.

For cancer treatment, mix one glass of grape juice and a half teaspoon of Black Cumin Seed Oil. Drink three times a day. Treatment may be personable for forty days. In addition, you can also rub the black cumin seed oil on the body affected by cancer for two weeks.

Digestive disorders.
Cumin is effective in fighting bacteria that are known to be very resistant to drugs, such as bacteria that could cause cholera, E. Coli, shigella spp., and So this is what makes the black cumin can be used in treating disorders of the digestive system caused by a bacterial infection such as stomach diseases, dyspepsia, diarrhea, and vomiting.

How to treat digestive disorders that is, first take the material: 1/2 teaspoon black cumin seed oil/extract and 1 cup milk. Mix both of these materials. Drink the mixture twice a day. Can be combined with the 1 teaspoon of ginger powder.

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