How to get rid of bat in house
How To Get Rid Of Bat In House

7 Tips – How To Get Rid Of Bat In House

In addition to the dark cave, it turns out that in the urban areas can be a bat habitat. They stayed inside the vacant building and also the house. Then, if their situation has already made uncomfortable, How To Get Rid Of Bat In House?

Bats that are nested in your house are generally a type of fruit eater and will not hurt humans.

They are just looking for a little perched for a while.

Usually, when the weather gets colder, they enter the houses accidentally through the doors and windows open, attracted by the warmth.

Their favorite places are on the tree or the roof of the house.

However, bats make a mess wherever they live.

These winged mammals can make the house smell and dirty.

How To Get Rid Of Bat In House

Harvest of Ripe Fruit

Why are fruit bats happy to stay at home?

The answer is none other than to eat the fruit that grows in the yard.

They come because they are attracted by the fragrance of ripe fruits.

For the number to decrease and disappear little by little, harvest the fruit that still exists in the tree.

Don’t forget, cut out the tree branches so that no bat is nested there.

Lighting the outside of the house

The next tip How To Get Rid Of Bat In House is install lighting the outside of the house.

Bats love the Dark places, just see where they lived in the cave or the attic of the building.

It is not impossible, bats will be perched in the dark part of your house that have no lighting.

Place the lights on the outside of the house to prevent bats that are perched in this area.

Bats are certainly uncomfortable with brightly lit areas with the presence of lamps.

In addition, bright lights outside the home are also your way of knowing what’s happening outside.

Repel it using long objects

One of the easy ways to repel bats is to wipe them straight when perched using long-sized objects.

Surely you have a broom, mop, or any other long-sized tool that can be used to repel bats.

Naphthalene Ball

A very potent naphthalene ball is used to repel bats. This ball can be found in various supermarkets everywhere. To use this ball as a bat repellent, you simply create a net that can make the naphthalene ball hanging to the roof of the room.

Make sure you use the net and not a sealed wrap, because if you use a closed wrap, then the Naphthalene can not work perfectly.

You should use them carefully and do not overdo it. The naphthalene ball can be dangerous if used excessively because it can cause respiratory distress in humans.

How to get rid of bats using shrimp paste

In addition to not liking the light, bats are not resistant to the strong, odors.

One of the ingredients with a strong aroma that can be used to repel bats is shrimp paste.

The way to get rid of this bat is very easy and cheap.

Simply place a few pieces of the shrimp paste on the suspect spot as a bat nest.

After some time, the animal will also be away from home.

In addition to using natural ingredients like shrimp paste, you can also use insect repellent spray to repel bats.

Spray the repellent on the tree branches several times a day.

Its strong scent will make the animal feel uncomfortable.

Closing the bat entrance

How to get rid of bat in house by closing the bat entrance

Close the chances of entering the bats by blocking the usual paths they use to perch on the roof of your house. However, make sure you close them as they are outside. If it is still inside, get rid of it first.

Installing the net in the attic

The presence of nets will minimize the chances of bats entering your house. This is effective enough to trapping a bat flying. But, you can see a pretty terrible sight if enough bats get stuck on the net.

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