Baby Crying In Sleep
Baby Crying in Sleep

Baby Crying in Sleep: 6 Causes and Solution

Not only is wet diapers and hungry, there are other factors that cause babies to crying in sleep.

As a new parent, you may have seen babies cry in their sleep all of a sudden and when you approached.

Surely this condition raises a lot of questions in your mind. Is your child thirsty, sick, or dreaming while the baby sleeps?

No need to worry and be confused when hearing the baby crying in sleep, because this can be easily overcome by knowing in advance what are the causes that make the baby cry while sleeping. Here’s an explanation.

Causes of baby crying in sleep

Imperfect Nervous System

The condition of babies crying during sleep is apparently common in newborns. The nervous system of newborns is still not perfect. Newborns still need to develop their entire nervous system, including when it is about regulating the baby’s cycle of sleep/wake.

This phase will usually decrease with the age of the baby. At three to four months of age, the baby’s cycle of sleep will become more regular and the baby’s habit of crying during sleep will also decrease.

Irregular sleep cycle

Newborns, for example, do not yet have a regular sleep cycle like older persons. They also have not been able to distinguish between day and night. This is what makes your child often wake up suddenly or deliriously while sleeping.

Nightmares or night terrors

Crying while sleeping can be a sign that your child is having nightmares or night terrors. But generally this happens to older babies. According to reports, an 18-month-old baby could already experience night terror. Some of the contributing factors are being sick and lacking sleep.

Nightmares and night terror are two different things. Nightmares can make a baby wake up and can also stay asleep. While night terror can last for a few minutes to 45 minutes, and the baby will remain asleep during and after that happens.

Bitten by Insects

Mosquitoes or other insects may enter the room where the baby sleeps and even bite him. The pain from being bitten by insects is one of the causes of babies crying during sleep.

Moving Sleep Position

The baby is very happy to sleep in his mother’s arms because he feels the comfort there. But when he is moves to his bed, he will usually wake up and immediately cry. The baby was shocked because his sleeping position moved, so in response he cried.

The Presence of Sound Around The Environment

It turns out that the baby has begun to be sensitive to the surrounding sounds. Mom and Dad may have been talking in a quiet voice, but he could still hear it. He could have heard a voice when you were about to leave him. When he hears a sound, even the slightest, it can sometimes make the baby cry while sleeping.

Other Causes of Baby Crying in Sleep

If the age of the baby is older, but the baby still shows the habit of crying in the middle of the baby sleeps, then several other factors can be the cause.

Some common causes of babies crying during sleep are wet diapers, hungry, until the baby feels uncomfortable with the clothes worn or the room temperature is too cold or hot.

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How to soothe a baby crying in their sleep

Parents often immediately hug or hold as a natural response when the child cries. However, the right thing to do is to look and wait for your child to calm down by himself.

Fuss often occurs during the transition from light sleep to deep sleep. Therefore, do not rush to hold the baby just because they cry at night.

In addition, it is good to pay attention to the sound of their crying. Babies who cry at night due to we diapers, hungry, cold or sick will not fall asleep in a minute or two.

These cries often escalate quickly and are a cue for you to respond. To overcome this, it is good to be calm and do what needs to be done.

If you are required to breastfeed, breastfeed immediately. If you need to change diapers, then immediately change the diaper. Do so without unnecessary stimulation such as turning on the lights or loud noises.

Also remember that the baby who makes a sound while moving through the stage of sleep appears to be in a semi-conscious state. It’s hard to tell if they’re awake or asleep.

Babies can sleep for 16 to 20 hours each day when they are newborn. However, these times are divided into many naps or night naps. Experts also recommend that newborns breastfeed 8-12 hours every 24 hours.

It’s no problem waking them up every 3 or 4 hours to feed until your child’s weight indicates a steady increase.

After that, the new baby can sleep for four or five hours at a time. Typically, this phase will continue until about three months when the baby begins to sleep for eight to nine hours at night, and several naps.

The older persons sleep cycle has the transition from light to deep sleep and back again in 90 minutes.

While the baby’s sleep cycle is much shorter which is 50-60 minutes. In other words, there will be more opportunities for your baby to cry without even waking up.

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