Baby cries in sleep

11 Baby Cries In Sleep Causes

When the baby is in a deep sleep, especially the mother will feel calmer. But there are times when babies suddenly cry in sleep. This condition sometimes freaked out a new mother. What’s the cause of a sudden Baby Cries In Sleep?

Sleep is one of the important activities that every human must do. Early in life, babies had a long enough sleep duration. However, as the age of sleep gradually decreases. As a parent, of course we want the baby to sleep with a long and restful duration. There are times when a baby suddenly cries after sleep for a moment.

Baby Cries In Sleep Causes

Night Terrors.

Through the Chanel doctor’s Circle, one of the causes of baby crying when sleeping at night is the night terrors. This is very common in infants and children.

Night terror is more common in children aged 4 to 12 years, although it is not uncommon in infants under 18 months. In addition, night terrors are also more likely to occur if a baby is sick or sleep deprivation.

This sleep disorder is different from nightmares that generally occur in children over 2 years. Night terrors happen during a deep sleep phase. Babies may begin to cry or even scream suddenly for some reason or feel disturbed.


Surely many people are asking if it is possible baby dreaming. The answer can be yes. 4 month old baby has similarities with older people in some ways, so they can also experience nightmares. Usually the thing that appears in his dream is related to what happened during the day.


This can happen because of activities carried out on the day. For example, we take the baby to travel and be in the vehicle for a long time, although it seems that he is asleep during the trip. Sleeping in the vehicle is as comfortable and as free as sleeping on the mattress.

Our baby’s limbs may be in an inappropriate position during the trip, so babies feel something is wrong with their body. But being able to speak, the baby cried in the middle of the night to express the inconvenience.

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8 Other causes:

Baby cries in sleep causes
11 Baby Cries In Sleep Causes 2
  • Temperature change.
  • Dirty or Wet Diapers.
  • Hungry.
  • Thirsty.
  • Need attention.
  • Bitten by an insect.
  • Sick,
  • Depression.

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Do not Let Baby Cries In Sleep.

When your baby is crying in the middle of his sleep at night, should you immediately calm him down, or be ignored? The attitude of ignoring the cry of the child is claimed to cause some problems in his life someday, such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), antisocial behavior, and low IQ. But are there scientific evidence suggesting that letting a child cry while sleeping can cause long-term brain damage?

This could be attributed to the sleep training method applied by Dr William Sears, Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine. Dr. Sears emphasizes child-centered parenting approaches. He advised parents to patiently help the child sleep in time. By accompanying her sleep, establishing a comfortable night sleep ritual, and other forms of physical closeness to create a positive sleep atmosphere, and a healthy sleep habit forever. In this way, the child will not have the opportunity to cry, because the parents are always near the child to respond to the needs of food or comfort.

This method is contrary to sleep training which applies the CIO technique (Cry It Out), stating that the baby who is crying alone for a short period of time, but are occasionally visited by their parents, will not suffer trauma. The result is exactly a child who has a good resting time, and is happier. Sleep strategies without tears, according to the CIO technique, will cause the baby to too rely on the comfort that his parents give, making the child difficult to learn to encourage themselves to sleep.

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