Babies born with teeth
Babies born with teeth

Babies Born with Teeth: Why does That Happen to Babies?

Babies born with teeth or also called as natal teeth are rare thing. Teething is basically normal in babies during their 4 to 7 months of age for their first teeth. Meanwhile, natal teeth happen in 1 out of 2,000 births. Of course it can be a shock if you know your baby already has teeth after birth. But it needs no worry at all as long as the teeth do not interfere with the feeding process. If you talk to your doctor, they may have some advice to help you.

Causes of natal teeth

The appearance of natal teeth seems so mysterious. But actually there are several conditions that could increase the condition of babies born with teeth. The teeth are commonly seen on babies with a cleft lip or palate. Besides, babies who have irregularities in dentin may get this condition as well.

There are several underlying medical problems that may lead to natal teeth. The things include several syndromes such as:

  • Ellis-van Creveld;
  • Pierre Robin;
  • Hallerman-Streiff;
  • Sotos.

Risk factors of natal teeth

Besides certain medical situations, there are several disk factors that could increase the chance of a baby being born with teeth already. It could be heredity and female seems to have higher chance of this condition. The next risk factor is malnutrition during pregnancy.

Types of natal teeth

Basically, the situation is not a crystal clear when a baby is born with teeth. But the doctor can help to determine the case of your baby. They are such as:

  • Fully developed crowns that affixed some structure of roots even though the development is a bit loose.
  • Loose teeth without any root.
  • Small teeth show up from the gum.
  • Teeth evidence about to appear through the gum.

Mostly, natal teeth only involve one tooth, which makes multiple teeth in newly born baby is very much rare case. The teeth type will help to determine the complications risk. Besides, it helps your doctor to figure out the treatment, if it is necessary.

When to get treatment

Non-loose natal teeth are usually left alone. But if the teeth have no root at all then the doctor may recommend removal through surgery. Loose natal teeth could lead to some risks like:

  • Choking due to accidentally swallow the loose tooth;
  • Problems with feeding;
  • Injury on tongue;
  • And injury to the mother during breast-feeding.

The doctor will look at it using X-ray to find out that the structure of solid root is presence or vice versa. So, this is all you need to know about babies born with teeth.

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