Asthma attack no inhaler
Asthma Attack No Inhaler

Asthma Attack No Inhaler First Aid

Asthma is included as a dangerous disease. The people who suffer asthma have to ready to bring an inhaler everywhere. It is dangerous if we get asthma attack no inhaler.


Asthma is a condition when the people hard to breath. It happens when our lungs produce more mucus and it is swollen. Their condition will cause the airways narrow that makes the people hard to inhale the air. So, the inhaler must be ready. Asthma attack no inhaler is dangerous. Read also: What causes Asthma?

Symptom of Asthma

There are some symptoms of asthma. However, the symptom of each people is different. The common symptoms of asthma are:

  • They have short of breath
  • They have chess pain
  • They have difficulty and trouble to sleep, or cannot sleep nicely
  • They have worse coughing and wheezing.

Asthma Attack no Inhaler

Sometimes, the people who suffer asthma forget to bring inhaler. So what should they do if the asthma attack no inhaler happen?

  1. They have to regulate breathing without using an inhaler. Use timer to regulate the breathing. You can do it for 10 to 15 minutes. If it still hard to breath you can call doctor.
  2. Directly sit if you are doing an activity or standing.
    Some activities can make them hard to breath. So, sit upright directly and control your breath. Do not lie down because it can make you harder to breath.
  3. They have to loosen the tight cloth.
    The fit cloth will make the people hard to breath. Loosen your tight cloth will help you to breath easily.
  4. Take a deep breath and release slowly.
    By taking a deep breath, the people can be relaxed. It is hard in the beginning. If you can do it for several times, it will be easier. Do it five to 10 times to make your body calm and relax. You have to inhale the air slowly and then push them out using your stomach muscle.

Treatments for Asthma

There are some asthma treatments, especially for the people who often get asthma attack no inhaler. The first is doing therapy. They will be trained to have a relax breath and can control their breathing. Read also: How To Cure Asthma Naturally.

The second is go to the doctor, the doctor will check the lungs condition. The doctor will give you some tips to have a normal breath when you asthma attack no inhaler. They It is the safest way to treat asthma.

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