Asian Tiger Mosquito
Asian Tiger Mosquito

Asian Tiger Mosquito: Bites, Map, Invasive, and 3 Ways To Prevent It

Asian Tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus), also known as forest mosquitoes, are characterized by distinctive black and white striped characteristics and a very aggressive attitude. Male are generally smaller than females, which can reach up to an impressive.

Of course, female that bites and they do it aggressively during the day, decrease at night but never give up.

This is a big mosquito type that has a black and white stripes on its body. Most of the tiger mosquitoes are found in Asia, but some are also found in the areas of Korea, America, and Canada. This species of mosquitoes is known to carry Malaria causes parasites.

The characteristics of this Asian tiger mosquito are four times the size of ordinary mosquitoes.

The dangerous mozzie is easily recognizable thanks to its size and distinctive black and white stripes.

Asian Tiger Mosquito Bites

Asian Tiger Mosquito Bites
Asian Tiger Mosquito: Bites, Map, Invasive, and 3 Ways To Prevent It 2

The very painful bite is so severe that it can cause swelling.

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Asian Tiger Mosquito Map

Two surprising maps depict the rapid spread of mosquitoes throughout France in just the last few years.

First, by the French organization Vigilance Moustique, shows how far the spread of mosquitoes in France.

Second, by the government-run Institut de Veille Sanitaire, shows the spread between the years 2004 and 2014.

At that time, most of the mosquitoes sighting was limited to southern France and the French Corsica Island.

Asian Tiger Mosquito Invasive

Unfortunately, mosquitoes are the most aggressive and invasive creatures in the world.

Over the past 30 years, tiger mosquitoes have spread rapidly from their native tropical forests in Asia to almost every continent in the world, making them one of the most invasive animal species in the world. In the tropics and subtropics, tiger mosquitoes are active throughout the year but, in cooler and temperate regions, they hibernate in winter. You can say that they are small but tough.

These types of mosquitoes initially breed in sub-tropical climates, as in northern China and central Japan, but gradually spread to North America and Europe using a “special mechanism’.

Asian tiger mosquitoes that can transmit more than 20 fatal viruses give many nightmares to European countries. It was delivered by Soeren Metelmann, an expert from the university based in Liverpool, England.

Entomologist and technical adviser to the American Mosquito Control Association Joseph Conlon adviser to the people in any part of the world are more vigilant considering that these insects are very effective in spreading the disease.

According to him, Asian tiger mosquitoes carry 30 diseases, including West Nile virus and dengue fever.

Unlike other types of mosquitoes that come out only at certain times of the day, these Asian tiger mosquitoes tend to circulate the prey during the whole days. So, it will be difficult to avoid these harmful insects.

In addition, their eggs are much stronger than normal mosquitoes.

Asian Tiger Mosquito Prevention

This insect seems so tough and hard to beat. But that doesn’t mean there’s no way to protect yourself and the people around from the “deadly” bite.


To prevent further spreading of the disease and mosquitoes, it suggests that active surveillance and spraying of insecticides to kill larvae can help reduce the outbreak.

Moritz Kraemer, a researcher in infectious diseases at Oxford University, said the threat from mosquito repellent in Asia is very real with South America and East Africa needs at least 30 years to be free of its impacts.

Kraemer further said, along with the effects of climate change, the spread does not require the existence of human journeys or trades conducted from endemic to non-endemic regions.

Maintain the cleanliness and drain all the open tubs

Scientists advise, to maintain the cleanliness of the property in the House of dirt or dust that could potentially be the breeding area of mosquitoes. Also, be sure to drain all the open tubs that could potentially accommodate water.

Using Bright color clothing and logn pants, and using mosquito repellent

Brightly colored clothing and long pants and using mosquito repellent in the house can also be relied upon to guard against the sting of the winged animal.

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