Adhd in girls symptoms
ADHD In Girls Symptoms

13 ADHD In Girls Symptoms

ADHD In Girls Symptoms – More boys are diagnosed with ADHD than girls. But many girls may be in that state than we imagined, and their struggle to receive a diagnosis can affect their entire lives.

Girls can also have ADHD, and many of them are not diagnosed, as well as without the treatment that can change their lives.

ADHD is a nerve development disorder that comes in three types: Inatentif, hyperactivity / impulsivity or a combination of the two.

People with Inatentif will often forget, struggle to be organized, and find themselves very easily distracted. Those who experience hyperactivity and impulsivity will probably struggle to stay seated, constant agitation and cutting down conversations.

ADHD in girls symptoms

There are a few signs you can notice to find out if your daughter actually has ADHD. Here are the following:

Feeling incapable or lacking confidence

If your child often says that she is unable to do something right, it shows her lack of confidence. This can be one of the signs of ADHD that is more commonly found in girls.

Difficulty Working with Tasks

When working on HOMEWORK, they will need more time than they should, even after midnight. This can be interrupted because the child is most busy browsing the Internet or reading a book to find answers to her HOMEWORK.

Usually your child desperately needs help with a task or requires supervision to be able to focus on doing things.

Not Satisfy

Despite learning and preparing to take the exam, but the results are not satisfactory. They tend to be inefficient with what’s already done.

Weak reading comprehension

Girls with ADHD have a weak reading comprehension. They can get the facts from a text, but can’t make an idea related to her reading. The child also does not pay attention to the details of the instruction of a task or test.

Not hyperactive

One of the classic symptoms of ADHD is that it cannot sit still. But compared to boys, girls tend not to have problems with hyperactivity. They are not too nervous or moving their bodies all the time.

Less impulsive

Girls were less likely than boys to fight against impulse control. Girls tend not to get into trouble for doing impulsive things, like grabbing and picking up something without asking.

Less disturbing in school

Because girls with ADHD tend not to be hyperactive and impulsivity, generally they are considered less disruptive in school. This is probably one of the reasons why ADHD in girls is not easily diagnosed.

Social interaction disorder

It is seen when your child is troubled to have friends or make friends. The child is usually dominant and likes to reign or not even get along at all because it feels she is not in accordance with the surrounding environment.

Often forget

Often forget to put the personal objects, for example forgot to put the phone, key, or bag.

Speak at she wish

Speak at she wish, not caring about the responses of others.

Love to do school guard work and walking around

Don’t like to run around or climb like boys, but love to do school guard work like sweeping, clearing tables and chairs, and often walking around from one table to another in the classroom.

Difficulties in organizing their own activities

It could be a lot of friends because she likes to be in the middle of many people, but difficulties in organizing their own activities, always seem anxious and hesitant. Her friends often help her make decisions, find abandoned items, and keep them organized.

Easier to lose focus

The inability to focus is one of the key symptoms of ADHD. Boys and girls should struggle to notice something. But compared to boys, girls are more likely to look like they’re dreamy, pulled away, or difficult to focus while they’re in class.

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