Health benefits of lychee
Health Benefits of Lychee

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Lychee

Lychee – a tropical fruit often found in the South East Asia region possesses a rough, red leathery skin, which is contrasted with the juicy, whitish and creamy flesh inside. Though lychee is originated in China, this tropical fruit has been produced in several parts all over the world such as Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.It is best known for its flavor – sweet and fragrance.

Lychees are typically easy to enjoy. Simply remove the skin and squeeze the juicy and fresh flesh covering the seed – into your mouth. Additionally, they can be found in dried or in dessert such as ice cream or sweet soup. You will feel delighted by the flavor and texture of this tropical fruit if you can get some fresh lychees on your hands during summer.

Lychees are packed with impressive amount of fiber, vitamins (vitamin C) and antioxidants. It is indicated that lychees contain more vitamin C than lemons or oranges in terms of the same amount. And do you that lemon can make a great home remedy for dizziness? Plus, an impressive amount of potassium as well as fiber has been found in lychees. So why not go to supermarket and have some of them on your dinner table after one meal?

Anti-cancer properties

Those fruit that contain antioxidants and flavonoids will obtain a protective properties against cancer. However, the chemoprotective effects that lychees obtain are commendable. It is showed that the fruit can inhibit the development of cancer cells as well astumor formation. This incredibly powerful anticancer compound of lychee boast polyphenols which can significantly slow down and inhibit the cancer growth.

Stimulate blood pressure:

Lychees boast potassium – a mineral which is necessary for stimulating blood pressure. It is highly recommended that those with hypertension should consume more potassium – rich food such as lychees. One serving cup of lychees can provide you 325mg of potassium which is approximately 9% of a daily required amount of potassium. Apart from that, it contains little amount of sodium, thus it is a brilliant choice to regulate blood pressure.

Prevents heart disease

Among all the fruit that contains high amount of antioxidants, lychees rank 2nd after strawberries. In fact, antioxidants are free radical scavengers which can significantly mitigate oxidative stress as well as damage caused by these radicals. Moreover, flavavols which are found galore in lychee can enhance vascular function and inhibit heart disease.

Oligonol found in lychees can improve your heart health significantly. Also, high amount of vitamin C found in lychee is known for imposing an impressive protective effect on the heart.

Low in calories

If you are walking on your weight loss journey, lychees is a recommended fruit that should be added into your daily diet. Thanks to its low calories, but decent amount of fiber, lychee promises to help you lose weight faster. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to add this tropical fruit into your daily diet.

Rich in B vitamins

This is considered as a hub of vitamins thanks to its amazing source of vitamins, including vitamin C, E and K. Moreover, it also boasts low level of riboflavin as well as niacin. Apart from vitamin C, you can also get vitamin B6 from this amazing tropical fruit. By consuming a handful of lychees, you can obtain 10% of the required daily intake of vitamin B6. Thanks to vitamin B6, several body processes have been boosted considerably such as producing red blood cells, protecting against inflammatory and infectious disease and breaking down food as well.

Natural pain killer:

Thanks to flavanols, lychee boasts its ability of working as a natural painkiller by suppressing inflammation as well as inhibiting resultant tissue damage. Thus, it is highly recommended to consume more lychee during this summer to boost your immune system and prevent diseases.

Boosts immune system

It is indicated that one cup of lychees is packed with 136mg of vitamin C which is exceedingly higher than your daily recommended intake 226%. And one of the major health benefits of vitamin C is that it can significantly strengthen the immune system. So if you have lychees on a regular basis, there will be a naturally less likelihood to fall sick because of common cold or flu.

Keeps your skin glow

If you are experiencing an acne problem and spots, don’t miss out this wonderful tropical fruit. Once your skin becomes more sensitive, thus, your skin might be more prone to pimple breakouts because of unwanted trapping of dirt and oil. Apart from cosmetics products you want to apply on your face to look prettier, you should nourish your skin from inside.

Thus, lychees are highly recommended for you as it can nourish your skin and tune your skin tone by detracting acne blemishes as well as spots. Moreover, antioxidants found in lychees can continue doing their job of mitigating wrinkles and making you look younger and more beautiful.

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