Tips To Follow In Summer
Tips to follow in summer

7 essentials tips to follow this summer for a natural glow

Skin is the most prominent organ of the skin; it reflects the inner health of a person. In summers, one should indulge in routine that’ll improve the skin texture and also help the skin to glow. In summers, the skin requires as much care as in winter; the routines of the both the seasons are different and one should indulge in a routine that’ll make the skin bright and beautiful in summers.

Summer is a wonderful time of the year; one can indulge in outdoor activities like playing basketball, road trips, beach day and many more. Though these activities are fun to do, but they come at a price. The UV rays are harmful that will affect the skin and makes it look dull; these rays can even lead to diseases of skin like skin cancer. So this summer, indulge in a routine that’ll give one a sun-kissed glow.

  1. Protection from sun

Thinking of wearing those cute skirts and fears the sun exposure? Summer is a time, where one enjoys the beach walks in biknis or a Sunday brunch at Grandma – whatever may be the occasion is, one should always apply sunscreen in order to protect oneself from the sun’s UV rays. Adding a healthy layer of sunscreen in the summers of the body and face is a crucial step to protect the skin in summers. Because in the advancement of technology, there have been developed many serums which are powerful to protect one’s skin from these harmful rays. So whenever heading out, don’t forget to apply it and also reapply if necessary.

  1. Hydration is must

When it comes to hydrating one self, many people think of drinking water as a task. One can even have seasonal fruits and vegetables like berries, leafy vegetables and watermelon. Watermelon has 91% water. These fruits and vegetables will help one to avoid any dehydrating problems in summers. During summers, the heat outside can increase the temperature of the body which can be controlled if a person has enough amount of water in one’s body. Hydrating oneself will keep the person cool from inside and avoid any strokes and other dehydrating related issues.

  1. Care for the lips

Lips are one of the most essential and sensitive parts of the face. Keep them soft and healthy with a good lipstick of at least SPF 15. Sun exposure can make them dry and dull. Between gloss and lip balm, always choose lip balm because they stay for long and keeps the lip hydrated. Once in a week exfoliate them to remove the dead skin and apply a good lip balm to keep them moisturized. 

  1. Get a sun-kissed glow

Everyone wants a sun-kissed glow to the skin, which is great, but exposing the skin for a long time can make it look dull and even damage it. Airbrush tanning is a technique which can give one a nice tan during summers artificially; but this costs time and money. However, there’s another alternative, known as self-tanners; these can be used in the home by self, and one can get the sexy sun-kissed glow at home. 

  1. Exfoliate

This should be done not only to face, but for the whole body. During summers, one tends to get sweaty, and exposure from the sun can lead to accumulate bacteria in the collagen in the body. These can further result into pimples, rashes and allergies. Once a week exfoliate the whole body and face to avoid such conditions. Wash the face with cold water and then cleanse the face with a mild cleanser. Exfoliate the skin using a scrub and then apply tonner. One can even use a spot correcting serum to remove spots and then moisturize the skin, so that it doesn’t dry off. One should opt for Skin Essentials that suits one’s skin. 

  1. Be natural

This season is all about the light makeup, light clothing and longer days. Heavy makeup not only restricts the skin from breathing, but also can damage it during this season. One can opt for nude makeup or all in one face fix. BB creams are a good option since they instantly moisturize the skin along with radiance; it illuminates the skin with a perfect glow and covers all the spots and makes skin look flawless. With all these and the bright sun shining, one’s skin will look bright and radiant. One can even opt for a good skin lightening cream with sun protection. 

  1. Sweat, sweat and sweat!

Exercise is a great way to keep oneself healthy because it releases the toxins from the body in the form of sweat. It is a beauty regime that helps to loosen the pores and the toxins present in the body are released in the form of sweating. Sweating helps in releasing the heat from the body and regulates the body temperature. That’s why after a good workout, one feels light and clean. Sweating also increases the circulation and improves the skin’s texture giving a healthy glow. 

A sunny summer day is like a beauty challenge. One can enjoy the summers just like winters, but always keep in mind the precautions before stepping out in the sun. Whether it’s a picnic in the park or a day walk on a beach – one should always follow the tips to keep the skin safe and beautiful.

According to researchers, the sun can damage the skin with its harmful rays between 10 am to 4 am; so always step out with enough sunscreen to reapply later. Moisturize skin from time to time with a good moisturizer and have shades, hats and scarfs to protect oneself.

Last Updated on August 22, 2018 Reviewed by Market Health Beauty Team