Standing benefits
Standing benefits

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We all know that move also including healthy physical exercise. But, what about the stand up? As it turns out, there is also a physical exercise. Stand even has countless benefits. Want to know what are the benefits? Here’s a list of the standing benefits.

Standing benefits

  • Burn fat.

Studies show that when you stand, your body starts burning fat, which is stored when you sit down. Enzymes in the blood vessels of the muscles that are responsible for burning fat will work in a few hours after you stand up.

  • Prevent any disease.

Many people consider standing as things less fun to do. For example, when riding a public transportation, most people will not be happy if it must stand up to get to the destination. They prefer to sit back enjoy the ride rather than feeling aches in the legs because stood for too long. Unexpectedly, the assumption this less pleasant standing was broken by the results of the research conducted in the United Kingdom. To just stand, it turns out we can get amazing benefits for health.

A study published in the European Heart Journal indicates that the stand has many benefits, such as increasing good cholesterol, control blood sugar and fat levels. Research involving 800 participants, shows that by standing for two hours more per day, blood sugar levels down to 2 percent, as well as the level of fat up to 11 percent.

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  • Burn calories.

If you’re wondering why just by standing up can burn calories, it’s because when you stand up, you train the muscles in the legs, abdomen, and buttocks. It spent more energy than sitting.

  • Standing vs. Walking.

Although the stand is definitely a better habit than sitting, but runs better than standing. For the average older people, the stand will burn approximately 190 calories in one hour while sitting only burns 130 calories and will contribute to fat storage. On the other hand, walking can burn up to 320 calories in the same time.

  • How many times do You have to get up from your seat?

If you have a job that requires you to sit down, you are encouraged to get up every 30 minutes and stand for 10 minutes. So, let’s say you have an eight-hour shift, it requires you to stand up as much as 16 times per day.

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5 Standing benefits

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