Things to know before coloring your hair
Things To Know Before Coloring Your Hair (Image: Pixabay)

4 Things You Must Know Before Coloring Your Hair

Things you should know before coloring your hair – Want to change your hair color? Consider some of the following in order to be successful in the hair coloring process.

4 Things You Should Know Before Coloring Your Hair

Adjust the color of your skin type

Hair color that matches the skin and the body color will make your skin look brighter. But otherwise the hair colors that that does not match will make your face and body skin look dull. If the selected hair color is too bright, the skin will appear pale. While hair color that is too dark can make the skin look dull, even make you look older. If the skin pimples, then avoid red hair color because it will reinforce the appearance of acne that is inflamed in the face.

Hair dye can irritate the scalp

Caution for those who want to change the hair color to a color that is really different with your hair’s natural color. Because this means that the hair needs to go through the process of bleaching to fade the natural color of the hair first. Chemicals used in the bleaching process can cause irritation to the skin, ranging from a burning sensation, itching, smarting, and even can make your hair broken.

Changing hair color becomes darker also at risk. Dark hair dyes such as brown and black, contains a molecule p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) that the risk of triggering an allergic reaction in sensitive skin. These allergic reactions can happen instantly or slowly over several coloring.

Select the right treatment process

Colored hair needs special treatment, at least a shampoo and conditioner specially colored hair so the color does not fade quickly and hair masks to maintain hair health.

You also must be diligent to keep the staining schedule. Because the hair continues to grow, several weeks after the colored hair will arise differences in color between the hair shafts with the roots. This means that once you decide to dye your hair, you must continue to color so that it does not look striped between the roots and the hair shaft.

Adjust with makeup

If you change your hair color, the style makeup should also be adjusted because hair color is very influential to the skin hue.

The first to be replaced is the color of eyebrow pencil. Usually the ideal eyebrow color is a level or two younger than hair color. The exception is if the hair is colored with extreme colors like bright blue, pink, green, or white. Feel free to change the color of foundation, blush and lipstick if deemed skin tones look very different after hair coloring. Adjust the color of makeup with skin color changes after colored hair.

You’ve read 4 Things You Should Know Before Coloring Your Hair, I hope that’ll be useful.

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