3 Tips for Keeping Your Nails Healthy In Summer

3 Tips for Keeping Your Nails Healthy In Summer – In the summer, everything is fresh and colorful, and your nails should not be the exception. It was time to look both toenails and hands. Although you can use colorful glazes, sometimes you have to let them breathe and it is then that we are concerned that look yellow or neglected. In addition, they do not grow at the same pace. The fingernails grow about one millimeter per week, while toenails grow less and are harder. Equally, we recommend that you take care with the same dedication. Only takes into account these features. If you are a person who uses cosmetic treatments, do not forget to also apply in the toenails. This allows you to look impeccable.

3 Tips for Keeping Your Nails Healthy In Summer

The first care

The first thing to do is leave all of equal size and tidy. For that, you must not use or scissors or clippers as indicated are that limes. The file you use must be made of cardboard or diamond, never use metal nail files because they hurt the nails. Spend the file in one direction only. You do it with short strokes and only for one side. Forget about going back and forth. Therefore, you do your nails seamen. This step is very important. You must do it with care and attention. Avoid filing of plus or leaving the nail too short and remember to give a square ended to avoid ingrown toenails.

3 Tips for Keeping Your Nails Healthy In Summer
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Some people tend to have spots on nails. If this is your case and you seem upset, remember that this can be a sign of a health problem, so you should consult your doctor. If your profession or your daily life requires you to be in contact with harsh chemicals, it is likely that this is the cause. In this case, you can dip them in lemon juice. It will remove existing stains and harden necessary to prevent breakage, but not enough to prevent them maintain their natural motion. The results appear in about a week.


When sconces cream in your hands and feet, you put your nails, they love a mime. You must be very careful with the soap you use to wash your hands and bathe. It is natural, neutral and non-aggressive. Also, do not forget shampoo, because they are your hands that washed the head and your nails are submerged in the product. If you use an aggressive shampoo because you have very oily hair or because tentacle use products, rinse your hands well. There are very damaged by such exposure. Ideally, dipping ten minutes olive oil, which is perfect to restore the keratin that makes them strong and beautiful.

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3 Tips for Keeping Your Nails Healthy In Summer

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